What was it like to be a member of a specific group during the Vietnam War? What was it like to be present at the greatest events of the Vietnam era? In this activity, students tell the story of the Vietnam War from the perspectives of people who were there - first hand. Partner teams research, write, record, and produce a 1-3 minute video telling the story of one of the major perspectives or events of the Vietnam era. Videos should provide some context, tell the story of the event, incorporate primary source material, relate the impact of the event, and help relate the story with images and vocal. Students use wiki(s) to organize notes and images and write a script. Windows Movie Maker is utilized to complete the final video product, and videos are published video online by using Youtube.

Assignment Components

NOTES – A minimum of two resources must be used as students take notes for their “We Were there” account. At least one print resource is required, and any online resource for information must be checked for reliability. Notes should be a separate page in your wiki, along with the citations for the sources. Primary source quotes should be noted by quotations marks and italics, along with the author.
IMAGES – Students must find 7-12 images that help you tell the story. The images can be scanned or from online sources, and all should be stored in a separate folder on a shared space or a flash drive. Image sources should be listed on a wiki page.
SCRIPT – Students should collaborate on a script for a 2-3 minute first hand account. It should be told by two people, so it follows a "we were there" format. In the script, some context must be established, the event, issue, or role should be discussed with some detail, and the impact must be explained. Primary source quotes should be seamlessly interwoven into the script.
VIDEO - Using Movie Maker, students make a short video with their narrated script and images to tell their story.


Notes from two or three reliable sources
Notes from 1 source or unreliable sources
No notes
Brief context is provided

Context is not provided
Excellent coverage of the event
Decent coverage of the event
limited coverage of the event
Impact of event is described clearly
Impact of event is briefly covered
Impact of event is not discussed
Primary Sources
Primary sources are used successfully
Primary sources are limited or used unsuccessfully
No primary sources
10+ images help tell the story, and video is integrated if possible
5-9 images are included
Only a few images included
Complete script
Incomplete script
No script
Voice sounds authentic
Voice is somewhat authentic
Voice is ignored


ó Dien Bien Phu
ó A follower of Ho Chi Minh
ó A military advisor in Vietnam
ó Aboard the USS Maddox
ó A member of Congress in 1964
ó Pilot in Operation Rolling Thunder
ó Marine arriving at Danang, 1965
ó Soldier in Ia Drang Valley, 1965
ó Member of the NVA or VC
ó A Vietnamese civilian reacting to bombing
ó A tunnel rat
ó A nurse stationed in the combat zone
ó A soldier on patrol “In Country”
ó A gunner on a swift boat
ó A Huey pilot heading to an LZ
ó A conscientious objector
ó Individual protesting the draft
ó Defending Khe Sahn during the Tet Offensive
ó Fighting at Hue in 1968
ó Vietcong along the Ho Chi Minh Trail
ó Student attending a “teach-in”
ó Observer at William Calley trial
ó Someone participating in the Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam
ó A supporter of newly elected President Nixon
ó Member of VVAW
ó Pilot in “Operation Breakfast”
ó Protester on March on Pentagon
ó Observer at Kent State or Jackson State
ó A reporter covering the Paris peace talks
ó Pilot during the Christmastime bombing
ó American POW flying home
ó Escaping the American embassy in Saigon, 1975
ó Veteran touring the Wall